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Command module 

We present JGen 02, one of the new products that will be presented during the Paint Expo fair in Karlsuruhe.

The latest addition to the Zeus production department, this model equipped with a 7" touch screen display and DT (Double T - Touch and Turn) control system makes the use of the Jgen 02 machines easy and intuitive.

Built to be an open platform, it is easily upgradeable and expandable to integrate with all Zeus systems.

The Bluetooth interface will allow remote control and information download and represents the first step for the future development of applications that integrate with the new machine. Corona and tribo manual or automatic guns can be connected to the JGen02 module, which can be integrated into all Zeus rack systems, both stand-alone and those integrated within Zeus systems (cabins, powder centers, etc.).

Thanks to its multifunctional port it can be connected to the Ethernet network or become a USB port so you can update the firmware quickly and safely.

Within the year the Jgen 02 module will be able to be connected to dense phase systems for powder transport.

JGen 02 Zeus modulo comando.jpg

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Technical details

  • Dimensions 22x15x30 cm

  • 7" color touch screen display

  • Double T (Touch and Tour) system for parameter adjustment

  • Double Ethernet/USB port with adapter cable

  • Automatic recognition of the connected gun (aut, man corona tribo or dense phase)

  • Three preset electrostatic programs

  • 50 storable programs

  • Smart coat function for painting deep recesses

  • Jolly function for manual guns

  • Powder flow rate and auxiliary air control using proportional valves

  • Flow control module for controlling the air flow

  • Bluetooth interface

  • Supply voltage 220-110V 50-60Hz

  • Protection level IP55



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