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Booths, machines, guns and accessories for powder coating 

The powder coating process is a protective treatment that guarantees eco-compatibility and aesthetic finish to all metal products: steel, aluminum, iron.

A procedure suitable for furnishing accessories and industrial products, with infinite applications. 


Powder painting booths suitable for any configuration and application need; quick color change and performing in powder recovery

Powder management

Powder centers, powder tanks, high flow transfer pumps, suitable for all uses


Line of applicators for dispensing powder coatings with constantly updated technology. Efficient and reliable automatic or manual guns, suitable for any size of plant. All guns come with an Atex certificate.


Industry 4.0, dimensional readers, gun controls. All the devices designed are created to be able to communicate automatically and immediately.


Reciprocators, oscillators, motorized bases, single 2D reading systems.


Equipment necessary for the verification and control of the guns to maintain high performance.

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Advantages of powder coating

Reduced environmental impact thanks to the absence of solvents

Recovery of waste dust

Easier to apply manually than liquid paint 

Reduced cooking time compared to the drying time of liquid paint

Low cost of the system

High productivity

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