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Easy color center 

Easy color center and Easy color center +

  • The simple solution for color change management

  • Powder feeding from cardboard or fluidized container

  • Dust level control

  • Suction connected to the final filter with throttle valve

  • In the Easy + version it is possible to install the vibrating sieve for sieving the recovered powder


Power supply voltage: 220V

Inlet pressure: 6 bar

Number of container supplied:  1

Maximum number of venturi pumps: 12

Mobile vibrating table: yes                           




In case of installation in a system without J control modules, an air bypass system is provided for cleaning the Venturi pumps. Satellite control panel for cyclone recovery pump.

Easy color center ZEUS totale.png
Easy color center ZEUS dettaglio 3_edited.jpg
Easy color center ZEUS dettaglio 1_edited.jpg
Easy color center ZEUS dettaglio 2.jpg
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