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JGEN 01 Control Unit

The JGEN control units make use of the j-flow-COntrol module which keeps the air flow to the Venturi pump constant, once the air quantity has been set, the system keeps the flows constant regardless of the fluctuations that may be present in the air line tablet or the consumption of the venturi

Control unit for all Zeus manual and automatic Guns

50 storable programs • Thanks to the innovative J-flo (w) -co (ntrol) system, powder dispensing is always under control.

Each module has a network port for connection with other JGEN modules

Navigation system for setting parameters​

Technical data

  • • Protection level: IP 64

  • • Atex Certificate: Cesi 16 Atex 026X (Associated device)

  • • Power supply: 90 - 260 

  • • Power supply frequency: Hz 47-63

  • • Absorbed power: W 100

  • • Protection level: IP 54 54 64

  • • Temperature class: (T6) ° C 86

  • • Working temperature: 0 - 40 ° C

  • • Compressed air supply: bar 5,5 - 6

modulo JGEN 01 lexan_edited.jpg


The jGen units are equipped with a 485 interface that allows them to be connected together in order to share the settings and programs set. 


Simply pressing a key activates the Cloning function, this allows the copying of the parameters set on one unit to all the others connected.


Press and Rotate, once the function has been selected, simply turn the convenient knob to set the desired values in a simple and intuitive way


Three pre-set and modifiable working modes by the operator allow to better manage the painting operations.

Smart Coat (SMC)

Smart coat facilitates painting by reducing the rebound effect, when the electrode approaches inside a cavity the gun recognizes it and automatically reduces the amount of air used and the powder flow. As the nozzle moves away from the cavity, the preset values are restored.


Jolly is synonymous with versatility, in combination with one or more functions of the device it allows the operator to customize the machine according to their needs by deciding which parameters to change from the gun keypad, all with a simple touch.


Using the P function, up to 50 painting programs can be created, each of which with different pneumatic and electrostatic settings. The change is always done using the convenient navigator.


The clean function can be used alone or combined with the Jolly function in such a way as to be able to clean the parts during the color change or to be used for cleaning the electrode with a simple click.

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