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Measure the thickness of the paint: Zeus introduces Coatmaster Flex

Updated: May 18, 2022

The measurement of the thickness of the paint is the winning key, at the beginning of the coating process, to be able to document and control the processing, production times and waste. Considering that the coating processes are very sensitive to changes in environmental conditions, it is therefore essential to have an easy-to-use thickness gauge, suitable for working in an aggressive environment such as that of industrial painting. For this reason Zeus has decided to include in its product catalog the new Coatmaster © Flex, which through a patented, non-contact measurement process allows the measurement of the coating thickness in the early stages of the process, i.e. directly after the application of the coating material. coating, before curing in the oven.

The advantages of knowing the thickness of the paint

Coatmaster © Flex is a patented non-contact and non-destructive thickness measurement tool for the painted surface. It can be used both on uncured powder and on the fired piece. Compared to traditional thickness gauges, Coatmaster © Flex allows the measurement of thickness directly after the application of the powder. - Savings of 10% -30% on the lining material - Reduction of time for color changes - Simplification of staff training - Reduction of waste and rework - Precise documentation of the coating processes - Reduction of the environmental impact of the activity - Definition of industry 4.0 standards - Online connection to the ERP system The recognized and patented coatmaster technology for coating thickness measurement was developed in collaboration with leading companies in the coatings industry. Once again Zeus, by choosing to include this tool in its product catalog, confirms the company line of offering a complete and reliable service in the field of powder coating, guaranteeing its customers the quality, precision and accuracy of the products supplied.

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