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Technological innovation: Guns have an heart

Inside an electrostatic paint gun there is a beating heart which represents all the experience and technology gained by Zeus.

The high voltage multiplier requires obsessive care because the performance, reliability and durability of our guns depend on this heart.

This process, in addition to requiring high quality resins, must be carried out under vacuum because any air bubble that remains trapped can be an escape route for all the energy inherent within it, causing malfunctions.

Doing business means not only working on projects, but also realizing them and following all the improvements that technology offers. Zeus has always been a guarantee of research and innovation.

With a view to constantly improving production, the company has equipped itself with an automatic system for proportioning, mixing and dosing highly insulated resins to increase the quality of the heart of its equipment.

But research must not stop at products: it must turn more and more towards environmental sustainability and towards the safety of its collaborators.

The new system allows to reduce the emission of resin vapors, reducing pollution and improving the working environment.

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