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Super Color Center JSCC

  • Powder feeding device by means of a fluidized tank with a capacity of 5 kg of powder

  • Venturi pump cleaning system integrated in the tank

  • Powder loader made by means of a dense phase pump with suction of cardboard dust

  • Fully inspectable tank in order to guarantee a safe color change

  • Painted steel structure

  • Suction connected to the final filter with a pneumatically controlled capacity valve

  • Control scale for virgin powder cardboard

  • Scale dedicated to controlling the level of dust inside the tank by means of load cells

  • Venturi pump cleaning system

  • Loading system cleaning

  • Ethernet port inside the control panel

  • Powder consumption tables in Excel format

  • 4.0 ready

The JSC 01 module supervises all the functions of the Zeus cabin:

  •   Connection to the company Mes

  •   Teleservice connection with Zeus

  •   Connection to the remote terminal in the cabin

  •   1 balance check under the filter

  •   2 guillotine status check

  •   3 check cartridge cleaning system

  •   3 check degree of clogging

  •   4 control of electricity consumption

  •   4 fan bearings temperature control

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Super color center dettaglio ZEUS.jpg
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