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Manual painting unit

This equipment allows you to work directly from the powder box, suitable for color change.The high efficiency of the JGUN01-MD in combination with the JGEN-01 control unit ensures excellent performance and a high quality finish. The right tool to meet the productivity needs of painters.

Technical data  

  Power supply Vac:  220                

• Power supply frequency Hz:  50

• Absorbed power W: 180

• Protection level: IP 54

• Temperature class (T6) ° C: 86

• Working temperature ° C: 5 - 40

• Compressed air supply bar: 5.5

• Compressed air consumption, total m3 / h:     9.6

Double positioning vibrating table of the box you can turn the box in any position to collect all the powder

Vibrating table with energy saving system (after a few minutes that the gun trigger is not activated, the motor goes to rest, reactivating when the trigger is touched

Blocking of the dip rod in the raised position

Venturi pump cleaning system (optional)

The color change in seconds




to facilitate cleaning operations

Fishing rod stop


for better dust extraction

Vibrant Floor


allows you to clean the powder transport circuit

Cleaning system for Venturi pump


for better dust extraction

Vibrant Floor

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